the food system plan

Tompkins Food Future is a two-year community planning effort aimed at broadly engaging the whole community in the creation of a long-term food system plan. The goal of planning is to maximize the health, safety, and economic well-being of residents in ways that reflect the unique needs, desires, and culture of those who live and work within our community. Communities engage in planning to set goals, and guide future decisions.

A food system plan for Tompkins County, NY can tell the story of food in our community, and set our sights on our vision for the future. This coordinated, strategic approach to understanding the current challenges we face can help build a stronger, more equitable, and more sustainable food system for the future. As we capture the stories of our community, we can identify steps to improve the programs, policies, and individual actions that shape our local food system.

the tompkins county food system planning process will:

Identify key challenges and assets in the local food system

Feature the concerns, ideas and voices of everyone who eats

Share recommendations for future actions and policies based on input

Articulate the long-term vision of every community in Tompkins County

results to date:

Here is a brief report from January, 2021on what we heard during our kick-off meeting in February 2020, updates and next steps on the planning process. 

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read our update report

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check back soon for our forthcoming full food system report