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The ideas, insights, and perspectives garnered through our public engagement efforts have laid the groundwork for the food system plan, and three key directions have emerged as anchors for the plan. Ten priority goals have been identified to support the achievement of the community’s vision for a more sustainable, equitable, healthy and affordable food system. We are currently bringing this draft framework to the community to generate specific policies, programs and actions that our community can take toward a more secure food future.

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The people who plant, grow, raise, and harvest the food we eat are at the heart of our food system. Farmers work in relationship with the land and environment to provide food for our community and beyond. In this section, we explore who grows our food, how it is produced, and the type and quantity of food produced in our region. We also look at what producers need to create strong and sustainable businesses for the long-term.  

Read findings from Tompkins County's first-ever food system assessment, covering production, infrastructure, food environment, food access & security, consumption and waste. The product of hundreds of conversations, interviews and survey responses, this report offers a glimpse into the state of our food system. 

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